Do-most Consultants Strategy Project

Steps of the project

The full 180 project is segmented into several steps. From A to Z we are covering and supporting you with the whole process. Depending on the size of the company, the mystery steps might be optional.

During this minimum 3-months long project, we are working closely at your location as well as remotely on the project.

The goal?

A successful business from A to Z. We want you to have the best available strategy for your business. This starts with the right target group and ends with the correct marketing tools. We do not only propose you the strategy, we also make it happen.

We are implementing everything as far as it is possible. For everything that we cannot do ourselves, we make the connections for you with the relevant companies or contacts.

Step 1

1. First appointment

After your invitation, we will visit you for a first impression talk.  This has the goal to get familiar with everything. If it “clicks”, we can continue the journey to full potential. 

If not, no problem – Your choice!

step 2

2. Mystery Guest (optional, depending on the project)

“The eye of the guest sees everything” or so they say. In any case, it is necessary to experience everything out of a guest’s perspective. Sometimes a different perspective can give you new insights. 

Afterwards, a detailed observation report is created and will be sent to you. 

step 3

3. Mystery Employee (optional, depending on the project)

This step is often forgotten, but we know this makes all the difference between success and failure. The employee makes your guest return, so why only focus on the guest?

As a part of the system, we are blending into your company as an internship employee. We are switching departments daily and try to get as much information as possible. Think about SOP’s , employee satisfaction and general operations. An objective eye helps to break the circle of company blindness and to increase efficiency.

The duration of this step depends on the size of your company. 

Afterwards, a detailed observation report is created and will be sent to you. 

180 Strategy Project 4

4. Evaluation

After a detailed analysis of the given reports, we are creating a consulting document, giving you the insights what to change to maximise the potential of your company.

This will be discussed and afterwards you have all the tools to (re)build your dream in your hand.

180 Strategy Project 5

5. Implementation Consulting Projects

” We go further, where others stop”

If you would like to have a tailored consulting to implement these changes, we are here to help you.  As experts in change management (implementation) we will support you with this process.

If you chose to continue your journey with us, we are happy to create an offer for a continued consultancy project in implementation. This offer is always tailored to your business (size) as well as budget. This enables us and you to work above your potential.  

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