Artificial intelligence (AI) in the hospitality industry and outside of it is increasing. Major hotel chains such as Marriott have already implemented one or more technologies that help with either their operations or which are enhancing the customer journey. 

While implementing those technologies it is absolutely crucial to discuss new strategy processes, contents and contexts. 

Technology and advantage

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind, is that it saves payroll costs. In fact, this is of course true, however, AI itself is expensive. Although, it gets more and more easy to lease a product without a big credential score, it stays expensive. Next to that, systems support, and qualified people are an expensive resource as well.

We need to distinguish between AI and “simple” technology here. Technology are handy machines and systems that support our business and operations. AI, however, is a self-thinking system, learning out of his previous situations and mistakes. 

The AI advantage is laying below the surface 

If the management has implemented AI correctly, taking into account all possible downfalls and trained all relevant staff members, AI can lead to an enormous increase of employee satisfaction. An employee who, suddenly does not need to do the plain tasks anymore, such as answering the five hundredth mail with the always returning questions, will feel more valuable and therefore happy. Happier employees, which are supported by AI, and convinced of their tasks, are increasing the revenue of every business.  

The downside

That said, we also want to stress the downside of a failed implementation. If employees feel replaced instead of supported by AI, a business can tumble into an expensive downward spiral.

Contact us for more information, we are happy to consult you with both technology & AI implementations to make your business more profitable and future-proof.

Artificial intelligence in hospitality industry

Artificial intelligence in hospitality industry