Consultancy as such is already existing many decades. Company giants have consultant every day over the work floor. They report, assess, create amazing presentations and then … well and then? Then mostly they leave, send you the bill, and come back in a year for the next audit because it is company policy to have one each year. Did anything change in the company? No. Of course not. 

Employees and their leaders were enthusiastic for about a week or maybe two and after that they fell into old patrons, not carrying out the big plans anymore due to a lack of time, and commitment. 

Consultancy as an investment with a high ROI

This is of course, an expensive happening, especially if nothing is implemented. For smaller businesses that are in need of consulting, the financial resources are mostly limited. It is therefore absolutely crucial that the points are being implemented and successfully put in practice. Only in that case, you can earn your investment back. In an average marketing campaign (SEO in this case) the ROI (Return on investment) is €2,75. This means, on every euro spend, the company generated 3,75€, or in other words the return on investment is 275%! The average company just increased to 37.500€ in sales out of an initial investment of 10.000€. The same can be said about successful consulting. 

Consulting is an investment and as every investment you need commitment, patience and trust. If nothing is done with the results that come out of a consultancy, if no changes are implemented in reality, nothing will ever change. That’s where we are for, to make sure that the process is a success from start to final implementation. 

What we do for you

Consultancy or also called coaching in the personal sector, is a two-way road. A company cannot expect a consult to walk into his business and to run it as well. A personal coach once said 

“It is crucial for you to want it and to work for it. We will give you all the ingredients but the cake itself you will have to bake yourself”.

We even go a step further for you. We will also make the cake for you, the only thing you need to do is to turn on the oven. 

Do you want to invest in your business successfully? 

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