Do-Most Consultancy is specialised in Strategy Management

Do-Most Consultancy is specialised in Strategy Management

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Do-Most Consultancy is specialised in Strategy Management

We go further, where others stop.


Fields of expertise


  • Strategy re-structure 
  • 180 degrees Strategy
  • Strategic change-management on micro & macro level

Human Resources

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Staffing and HR cost optimalization
  • On the job training for new or old processes
  • Interview and selection consultancy

Organisation and process

  • Process re-structure
  • Operating procedure’s re-structure
  • Efficiency evaluation, analysis and training

Marketing & Sales

  • Marketing strategy consultancy
  • Sales promotions

We can support you with all of the above and can connect you with resources for non-listed cores. Fill out our form to get in contact with us and plan your free appointment now.

Fields of Expertise

What we are doing

As so many entrepreneurs you have started your business with passion and the goal for (financial) freedom for yourself. Meaning, the freedom over a business, which is yours and the strive to have enough income to truly feel free.

But what has happened?

However, your income stagnated, if not decreased. Guests do not visit your business anymore like they did in the beginning, or maybe they never did. This is the death for every business if not changed fast.

In today’s ever-changing world it is necessary that a company stays ahead of its competition.  Many hotels and restaurants have not adjusted their strategy for business and are losing money on a daily basis because of that. It is crucial to continuously re-evaluate, improve and change your strategy to be able to cope with the market. There are many other businesses just like yours, so why should a guest come to you and not to your neighbour?

We tell you why:

Because your business, your restaurant, your hotel or your shop is unique. It is the best in its market and its niche. Your customers are well targeted, happy, and feel your drive. Your product is one of a kind – not a “reinvention of the wheel” but truly unique. Together with your atmosphere, your employees and your passion, you are making every single guest happy. You are successful! and as a result ? You are happy, free and proud. Proud of your business and of yourself.

If this sound like your dream to you, do not dream any longer but seriously change things.


We have made it our purpose to help you – leaders in the hospitality industry to maximise your company’s potential. Whether you run a hotel, that needs a complete 180 degrees turn, or a restaurant that is not coping how it should be, we are supporting you with several (tailored) consulting plans.

We are there for you to work on your new full business strategy and more importantly to support and to help you during the implementation of it.

If you want to know more about us and how exactly we can help you, feel free to wander around on this website.

If you want to get in contact with us and maybe even want to plan your first free appointment, do not hesitate to get in contact with us!

A tailored consultation

If you need a consultation in one or more of our fields of expertise, we are planning a tailored program with you. Mystery guest and Mystery employee are optional, but highly recommended. You can also choose whether you want an implementation coach or not.

Passion for consulting
Consultancy that goes further

Consultancy, that goes beyond

A change in strategy and operations can mostly give you the competitive advantage that your company needs. In that case you can choose for the 180 degrees Strategy consultation. During this program we are consulting you through all stages including the implementation of the new strategy. Other than the competition, we visit as employees your business because we now that it is necessary to be able to give you a fully tailored consulting.

Do-Most Consultancy is specialised in Strategy Management

Do-Most Consultancy is specialised in Strategy Management

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