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  • “5 best solutions for problems in Strategy making decisions and how to avoid them”
  • This free E-Book is offered to you to get to know the most commonly made mistakes in Strategy Management – and of course, how to avoid them.
Beyond Boundaries

€/excl. VAT40
  • During this personal online class, we will determine the limiting factors of your business.
  • Once you know those factors, it is possible to build a strategy beyond them to achieve the highest potential.
Strategy Academy

€/excl. VAT550
  • This course redefines your strategy. After this course, spread over 3 days, you will be able to consequently analyse your business in terms of operations and administration. You will be able to make decision based on the gained knowledge and to anticipate the results. This course if covering Human Ressources, Operational Strategy Management, Revenue Management and Online Marketing.
180 – Full Strategy Consulting Project
  • This project tackles your complete current strategy with personal 1 to 1 sessions and in depth consulting. Within a several months project you will receive full consultancy to maximise your potential and revenue.
  • Price indication is a starting price, depending on the size of the business. Please contact us for a free first appointment.

Do you hesitate or do you have problems to choose? No Problem! Plan now your free first talk to evaluate your situation and to find your best fit.

Hospitality Consulting Advies Projects

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