Do-Most Consultants Strategy Academy

How nice would it be to know everything about…

Human Resources Management

A happy guest is created by a happy employee. Proactive behaviour and intrinsic motivation are the most known phrases about employee management. We can tell you there is so much more!

You will get know the in’s and out’s about HRM. Strategic decisions on management levels, always involve employees as a center.

Strategic Revenue Management

“Sell the right product at the right time for the right price to the right customer.”

Revenue Management is a crucial point in creating profit. A poor revenue strategy is the number one reason for decreasing profit.

You will get familiar with all variables that determine your revenue strategy and how to use them

Online Marketing

Online marketing is crucial for your business to get clicks and to get found in the big internet. You need the best online strategy, that makes guests choose you, instead of your neighbour business.

You will learn everything about online marketing tools, visibility, online campaign and Search-Engine-Optimalisation.

Operational Optimalisation

Your strategy is defining your product. Your employees are motivated and eager to sell this product and your guests are waiting for you. Nice!

But, what about your actual operations?

You will learn everything about operations effectiveness & efficiency, cost optimalisation, product engineering, and queue management.

Do-Most Consultants strategy academy

This is what you can expect to know after this course

  • Psychology of employees
  • HR Change management implementation
  • Importance of motivation
  • Pricing strategies
  • Your position in the market and how to use this
  • Online tools for marketing
  • How to fit your campaign to your business
  • SEO & Funnels
  • Queuing techniques
  • Project Management
  • Operational efficiency & effectiveness
  • Cost management / Cost cutting techniques
  • Product Engineering

Overall, you will get to know everything about the 4 most important aspects of Strategic Management to free your business from limitations!

Do-Most Consultants Strategy Academy

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